Code of Ethics

Ethic principles of business should contribute to greater humanity and success in performing tasks at work.

Today, the main factor that differentiates success and perspective of one company from another is the level of application of ethics in their business.

GoPro Code of Ethics:

  • All of our activities are performed for the client only when there is a benefit for the client.
  • Together with our clients we adhere to the the principles of integrity, competence, objectivity and professionalism.
  • We point out the realistic expectations in relation to expected results and benefits from our services.
  • We work together with our client in order to establish a mutual understanding of objectives, scope and fees for services before accepting the engagement.
  • We agree in advance with the client fees and expenses, we charge fees that are reasonable and proportional to completed services and accepted responsibility.
  • We accept only those assignments for which we or our colleagues have the necessary experience and competence; we assign tasks to only those professionals with the knowledge needed to serve our clients effectively.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest and immediately point out to the client the facts and circumstances that may affect our judgment or objectivity.
  • We appropriately treat all confidential client information that are not for public. We take sensible steps to prevent access to them by unauthorized persons and we do not use ownership of privileged information, either for the needs of GoPro, the client or any other person without the authorization by the client.
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