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Warehouse management has never been this easy. Improve accuracy, increase employee efficiency, reduce the possibility of error and keep the warehouse under control at all times.

Improve accuracy in the warehouse and increase efficiency with mobile devices and barcode integration.

Managers who manage warehouse and inventory are often not efficient enough due to inaccurate transactions and manual tracking that takes too much time. With Warehouse Insight, all this becomes a thing of the past.

Warehouse Insight is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV that gives warehouse and manufacturing employees full access to Business Central using barcode scanners and handheld computers. Warehouse Insight makes it easy to manage your inventory in Business Central and provides intuitive warehouse tools that you can use for counting, shipping goods, receiving goods, putting away and more.

  • Real-time access to Business Central warehouse, inventory and production data
  • Perform all warehouse operations using mobile devices
  • Use the same device to configure any site, including optional bins and direct selection
  • Save serial numbers for each transaction
  • Scan sales and production documents directly
  • Use License Plating to streamline warehouse operations
  • Customize screens, workflows, menus or create new apps

A New Era of Warehouse Management Has Begun


More efficient utilization
storage space


Reduction of errors during
of goods passing through the warehouse


Inventory overview in
real time

Organize and automate

storage in one click


Simple query for items and bins
Instantly see detailed information such as location and quantity about a specific storage item or container.

Inventory counting is easy
Both standard and advanced counting modules are available to simplify inventory counting through scanning.

Easy reception and disposal
The receiving function allows users to receive goods based on warehouse receipts or source documents such as purchase orders and transfers. Cross-docking alerts are generated on the handheld device.

Simplify order fulfillment
With the pick function, warehouse workers can pick directly on the sales order or pick a document. Users can choose license plates or bags directly.

Movements are easy
The movement function manages both ad hoc and planned movements. Moving an item between containers is easy and can all be done from a handheld device.

Built-in application designer
If you have special requirements, the built-in app builder software will delight you. It allows users to build custom applications, even if they have no programming knowledge.

Support for multiple barcode formats
Warehouse Insight will easily read all data from any barcode format, including item, cross reference, lot/serial number, unit of measure, quantity, and more.

Support for a large number of devices
Warehouse Insight supports almost any make or model of scanner, including tablets, mobile computers, barcode scanners and more.

Prepare Your Warehouse for Future

Increased productivity

Reduced costs

Precision and accuracy of data

Time saving

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