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Welcome to the digital world. Discover a competitive advantage with Document Central, manage documents easier than ever before and get work done faster with automation.

In the digital economy, all the most important information, including unstructured content such as documents, video clips or social network content, is in electronic form. The management of that information becomes of key importance for overall business efficiency, comparative advantage on the market and quality of services to clients.

Information that carries business value today is in the most diverse forms, from data stored in databases, through documents, presentations, images, projects, video clips, and all the way to information on web pages, within social networks, or as part of data that generated by different devices. With new technologies and their application in everyday life, their collection, organization and classification, storage, processing and transformation, in order to obtain real business value, is an increasing challenge.

Specialized solutions are intended for the efficient use of digital information for business purposes, which manage content throughout its entire life cycle, from creation to archiving or final removal. These solutions belong to enterprise content management systems (ECM – Enterprise Content Management), which include a whole range of different services, applications and processes.

One of the best and most widely used ECM systems in the world is Microsoft SharePoint.

A New Era of Document Management Has Begun


Reduce the amount of paper documentation, costs and save space


Improve productivity, speed up business processes and reduce manual input


Integration with applications from the Microsoft ecosystem

GoPro Document Central is an integrated system of Microsoft cloud applications with the help of which you can digitize your business documents, manage business processes, optimize and standardize work and monitor employee performance according to various criteria.

By purchasing Microsoft Office 365, you get the ability to use a variety of software applications, including SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, the Office suite, and OneDrive for document management. Any of the above can be used depending on the needs of each organization. Office 365 helps you store digital documents, collaborate and share documents across different platforms.

GoPro Document Central enables more efficient distribution and control of information and documents within an organization by simplifying and standardizing business procedures, document movement and email notification.

Focus on What Matters the Most

Faster and better decision-making

Optimized web client

Collaboration inside the documents

Save documents online

How Does it Look and Work?

GoPro Document Central contains these modules:

  • The working environment is a system for managing documents, items and folders, which implements all the necessary functionalities of document management, such as authorization, life cycles, versioning, content editing, transformations, electronic signature, etc..
  • Electronic ledger of input and output documentation, which implements the work of the office, according to the legal regulations that define office operations. The module contains the following units:
    – Ledgers, intended for receiving and recording in the ledgers all incoming and outgoing documents of the company.
    – Archive libraries – libraries for the classification and storage of archival materials.


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