Optimization of Business Central (NAV) data bases performances

Whether you have problems with the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics installation or you just want your system to work better, we are here to help.

GoPro experts have so far done, several optimizations on Business Central (NAV) implementations which are the largest in the region.

Tracking and analyzing performances

We will set relevant system parameters and track the usage of a database in certain predefined time intervals. After gathering data we can create reports that show us the bottlenecks and point to critical fields for optimization.

Consultancy for improving software and hardware

We can suggest the improvement of existing software and hardware. It can range from only changing parameters of the system or it can mean a whole new acquisition.

Setting up performances and optimizations

Detail tracking of all critical processes, code, and fine-tuning. All methods are used to improve performances from optimizing indexes to writing a new code.

Supporting system

We set up system jobs to support the system so the base would always be in the optimal state.


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Microsoft Sure Step Technology Implementation Flow


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