Technology, automation, and digitalization have become an integral part of our daily lives. It is quite difficult to imagine any consumer segment without the possibility of buying goods or services remotely. Digitalization brings with it many solutions that can significantly improve your business, but also everyday life. If you want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to digitize your business.

That was the main topic of the latest thematic bulletin of the eKapija portal, which gathered all those who turned digitalization in Serbia into reality with their smart solutions in one place. Petar Miljković (GoPro, CEO) and Gordana Stefanović Barjaktarević (GoPro, Project Manager) spoke for eKapija about GoPro, its vision, and values.

In an interview with eKapija, Petar Miljković explained how ethics reflect the philosophy of our business.

In our company, we take great care of employee satisfaction, because we believe that only a satisfied person can be proactive, feel a sense of belonging to the team and provide a quality solution. Therefore, our clients are also satisfied. We are in a world where every company wants to make a profit, but we are guided by the motto – not at any cost. If we believe that a certain solution will not benefit our client, we will not propose it, even if it means turning down a lot of money. I believe that clients therefore recognize us as a top company and are loyal to us, and potential clients value us as the best partners for cooperation. This important business principle means a lot to our employees, because it reflects the company’s attitude towards them. Of course, our shared values are, among other things, integrity in everything we do, professionalism and reliability.

Also, our philosophy is based on three pillars – people, processes, systems. Only if all three elements are harmonized can we talk about business success.

Gordana Stefanović Barjaktarević explained what makes GoPro a socially responsible company.

First of all, I would like to express my great gratitude and respect to our employees and to praise them, because so far, they have always gladly responded to every humanitarian action that we organized as a company, and there really were a lot of them. In addition, our clients also wanted to help, when given the opportunity. At work and in life, it is important to share these values with the people you work with and spend time with.

I would especially like to emphasize the humanitarian activities dedicated to children suffering from serious diseases, as well as the action in cooperation with NURDOR when we visited the children’s ward of the haemato-oncology ward in Niš. We are also proud of the cooperation with the SOS Dečija sela, and I would like to emphasize participation in their Sports Day in Kraljevo, where we, and our families were their guests. And I use this opportunity to invite everyone to help those who need it.

When it comes to social responsibility, we are proud to work with young people, through our Letnja škola Znanje budućnosti, which we organized with the Fondacija Petlja, with the support of Microsoft. It was intended for young people from the SOS Dečija sela from the Jaki Mladi Center, children who grew up and stopped living in the SOS Selo. With this, we wanted to provide them with guidelines for career development and help them with specific technical knowledge that will be useful in their lives.