Our experience can also contribute to your business!

GoPro provides leading business solutions whose foundations lie in broad business and technology expertise, and our professional team implements it on your behalf.

The key to GoPro’s success is our proven business and technology experience which is applied in many companies.

Our team of Microsoft certified professionals provides world-class business solutions and they will be here to give you everything you need in case of changing business conditions or growth and development of your company.

In order to help our clients meet their business goals, we offer following services:

· Requirements analysis
· Improvement of processes
· Selection of software
· Preliminary design
· Project planning
· Design and software customization
· Data migration
· Implementations
· Training
· Detail procedures
· On-going support
· Periodic surveys


What is the Microsoft SureStep methodology?


Microsoft SureStep Technology Implementation Flow

Implementation of Business Solutions

GoPro offers strategic business solutions within the framework of proven implementation methodology in order to help you achieve your business goals in the shortest period of time.

Optimization of performances

Whether you have problems with the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics installation or you just want your system to work better, we are here to help.

Customer Support

When the business solution is implemented, our support services are at your disposal in order to establish that your business goals are achieved.

Implementation methodology

Our focus is solving business issues which are the reason for implementing the new system.


You’ve made the decision that you need a new information system. What’s next?