Teamwork has always been crucial, both in life and in business. An increasing number of research shows that organizations that encourage teamwork create innovations faster than the competition, notice mistakes before others, find better solutions, build good interpersonal relationships and have higher levels of productivity. 

 In addition, he helps his colleagues get to know each other better, get closer, have good relationships, and maybe even unbreakable friendships. 

 It’s no secret that Team Building brings people together and fosters collaboration and team spirit. Our colleagues are the heart and soul of GoPro. Without them, GoPro would not be what it is today. We wanted to reward our team for their hard work, dedication and gather energy for new victories and challenges that await us. 

 That is why we are on Sunday, June 12, 2022. organized a get-together at the Ada Safari restaurant. No one could have expected that one quite ordinary afternoon would turn into an experience that we will gladly remember for the rest of our lives. 

 We started socializing with breakfast together, and we continued it in a good spirit and even better mood. Divided into two teams, “Coyotes” and “Panthers”, we competed in several interesting sports activities. After several hours of fighting, the “Coyotes” won. 

At the end of the day, it became clear as day that the winners are not just “Coyotes”, but all of us, because when you are surrounded by such good, quality and successful people who radiate positive energy, you realize how happy you are and that such moments make life better. 

Click here to see photos from our team building.