With the constant advancement of technology in the 21st century, the retail industry is expecting a revolution on a global level, and the main driver of it is digitalization. Digitization is transforming companies in the retail industry faster than anyone expected.

The main focus of digital transformation is increasingly shifting from products to consumers. Therefore, retail companies are increasingly relying on digital solutions that help them offer products to consumers at the right time, at the best prices.

There are several retail software solutions on the market today that promise fantastic results, but more companies around the world are giving their trust to the LS Retail solution.

What is LS Retail?

LS Retail is a flexible software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics technology that runs over 85,000 stores, retail chains, restaurants, pharmacies, and gas stations worldwide. It makes it easier to manage inventory, manage customer relationships, shop online and more.

What benefits does it offer?

Anyone in the retail industry knows how important it is to provide adequate experience for consumers. LS Retail is an innovative business solution that will allow you to meet consumer expectations and anticipate them on time. Improve employee performance, provide a seamless consumer experience, and increase sales and customer loyalty.

Manage employees more efficiently, always have the most important products in stock, increase and accelerate sales – with LS Retail, the possibilities are endless.

Gain and keep the competitive advantage

Starting from boutiques to supermarkets and pharmacies, retail covers a wide range of activities. What all retail activities have in common is a high level of competition, constant changes, and many everyday challenges.

To stand out from the competition, your company needs a solution that will grow with it and adapt to any challenge. If you want to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers, reduce risk, increase benefits, and raise retail to a higher level, LS Retail can be a safe choice for you.