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Wholesale and Distribution

In the world where today’s partner can tomorrow become a competition, customer care is more important than ever before.

If customers know that all your resources are aimed to fulfill their needs, you are no longer just temporary supplier, but a long term partner.


  • Efficient sales force and distribution
  • Organized warehouse
  • Decreasing stock level
  • Increased sales orders execution

Business Central (NAV) contributes to speeding up the processes in distribution and makes warehouse management more efficient. Business Central (NAV) can help you gain competitive advantages on the market by using integrated software for distribution which can give you complete picture about status of your customer order, level of efficiency of vendors and level of efficiency of shipment and services.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV you enables to:

Answer precisely about your stock, prices of goods, delivery dates

Reduces costs by optimizing stock level

Manage your warehouse more efficiently

Cooperate closer with your vendors.

Functionalities that are at your disposal:

Sales order processing

Purchase order processing

Managing complaints


Transfer orders

Automatic forecasting of sales and requests

Serial number tracking

Bin and lot tracking

Traceability of shipments: sales > internal manipulation > purchase

Logistics for greater number of warehouses

Stock costs by location

Stock keeping costs

Tracking bin contents

Partial receipt

Partial shipment and full invoicing

Direct shipment or so called drop shipment

Cross-docking (possibility that form incoming shipment with little or no works put it on leaving shipment)

Automated Data Capture System ADCS (integration with bar-code readers)

Tracking the status of the order at any time



Improve business performance from the shop floor to your bottom line.

Increase the accuracy of promised orders and respond quickly to customer queries about order Status and delivery. Using a Web browser, vendors can manage catalogs, enter drop shipment orders, and maintain delivery dates.

With Manufacturing in Business Central (NAV), you can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of material, Supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

Flexible processes and integrated Information equip you to make accurate promises to customers, respond quickly to Last-minute requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Any size company can benefit from Business Central (NAV) manufacturing capabilities. Growing businesses can streamline their manufacturing processes by taking advantage of a simplified manufacturing foundation that includes rapid visibility into work-in-process (WIP), support for order-by-order workflow, and the ability to implement additional Functionality as business needs become more complex. Growing businesses can take advantage of a simplified manufacturing foundation that Includes rapid visibility into work-in-process (WIP), support for order-by-order workflow, and the ability to implement additional functionality as business needs become more complex.

Easy manipulation of working orders and bills of material.

Automatic or manual planning process.

Graphic interface to quickly observer the problem and to solve the bottle necks before there is a stop in manufacturing.

Clear view into ongoing manufacturing.

Business Central (NAV) Manufacturing gives clear and precise information about manufacturing with view that are up to date and reliable.



Your service helps you build long term relationships with your customers.

Business Central (NAV) Service increases profitability endorsing premium services because it gives accurate and up to date information which enables you to control the costs, organize available resources in order to provide better and more efficient service.

Business Central (NAV) Service represents a business solution that gives complete insight and help organizing broad spectrum of services you provide.

Functionalities at your disposal:

Complete history of every service item that has been in service

Contracts with customers

Substitution items

Report on service daily schedule

Entry of new service orders

Automatic creation of periodic service orders

Creating periodic invoices

Availability of technical resources, certifications and Service zones

Dispatch board

Planning and Scheduling

Managing Service Contracts

Managing Service Items

Managing Service Orders

Managing service Prices

New customized fields and processes can be added by experienced GoPro team in order to automate any service task



Although, there are a large number of different requests for different types of retails, the solution covers all business aspects in retail as well as other forms of retailing:

Teller sale

Free shops


Providing services

Retail part is completely integrated in Business Central (NAV). Thanks to the powerful functionalities and possibilities to adapt to business; it provides additional functionalities which cover specific requirements of your business processes.

GoPro retail module offers necessary functionality for a single retail, which includes work with codebooks, procurement, sales, transfer between locations, the end of day, work with external devices (fiscal printer, bar code scanner, electronic scales), all legal reports as well as retail analysis reports.

GoPro retail module allows you to:

  • Receive documents from business software
  • Receive different codebooks from business software (products, prices, attributes)
  • Bi-directional synchronization of customer data
  • Automatic posting of received documents in accordance with business software
  • A summary of inventories at the retail price and the printing of the necessary documentation



Providing accurate cost of work may require considerable time, but with Business Central (NAV) that can be very efficient and profitable.

Module Jobs enables:

Evaluate the job including items, resources and other costs

Keep detail track of all costs and invoices for the job

Safety that all costs were invoiced

Sharp control of costs

Organize our own resources to increase efficiency


Other services

With help of Business Central (NAV), GoPro has brought many benefits to companies in different industries, improving their cash flow, productivity and profitability.

Its broad spectrum of possibilities which appears in many application areas is often a wise choice for many companies.

Having already developed many functionalities, Business Central (NAV) rapid development environment and our development team can in a very short time adjust Business Central (NAV) to suit unique requirements of your business.

Of course, the most important part of the process is to understand your goals and needs. Call GoPro so we can explain you in detail if Business Central (NAV) is the real solution for you.


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