It’s no secret that Business Central is one of the world’s most recognized ERP solutions, trusted by thousands of companies around the world. Have you ever wondered why the name of this solution “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central” is too long? Let us simplify and explain Business Central’s place in the world of Microsoft Dynamics. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the name of a family of products designed to work together and integrate with existing M365 applications such as Outlook, Excel, and Teams. 

Dynamics applications can be used separately or in combination, depending on the needs of your business. They cover all types of industries as well as company sizes. The greatest advantage of such integrated applications lies in the fact that they can be connected into one complete solution that connects and manages all business operations. 

How does Business Central fit into the Dynamics family? 

Business Central used to be called Dynamics NAV, and before that, Navision. Dynamics NAV is one of the first products in the Dynamics family. The name change was to represent the expansion of its capabilities beyond finance. Business Central is also an online solution, while NAV was mostly on-premise. 

Business Central is an online ERP solution specially designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies. It enables management of the entire business and connects different departments within the company into one. 

The two most common integrations between Business Central and other Dynamics products are: 

  • Sales Professional – a dedicated CRM system, also designed for small and medium-sized companies. 
  • Power Platform – enables companies to analyze, automate and manage data and systems within the business, regardless of the size of the company and the sector in which it operates. The biggest advantage of this platform is that you can achieve a lot with little or no coding. 

What makes Business Central so effective? 

If your company is growing and ready to take advantage of more opportunities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an efficient, easy-to-use business solution that fully adapts to your business ambitions and needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings the most modern technologies in business process management, allowing companies to focus on their business and growth. A modern tool that is part of the Dynamics family of business applications, fully integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, facilitates the performance of daily tasks, with advanced capabilities for planning and predicting business changes. 

Why can’t I buy Business Central directly from Microsoft in the same way as M365? 

Dynamics products are sold through Microsoft partners because their implementation requires expertise and support. Microsoft partners are trained and certified in the areas of Dynamics products they offer and sell, and therefore are the best option for all those who want to get the most out of each solution. Partners also offer additional services to clients, such as training and additional integrations. 

Although it is possible to purchase Business Central licenses on your own, Microsoft always recommends purchasing through a partner as this way successful implementation is almost guaranteed. 

Not all partners are the same, so it is especially important that you research and choose the right partner for your business. GoPro, as a Gold Microsoft partner and one of the leaders in the business solutions industry, helps clients around the world improve their business, using a proven methodology and cutting-edge technology. In our portfolio, we have several solutions for different purposes that are used by clients of all sizes around the world. 

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