Sometimes a small, but well thought out and executed idea can be of great help. GoPro has found a way to bring Business Central even closer to the most dynamic part of the economy, small and medium-sized business.

In an interview with PC Press, Petar Miljković (GoPro, CEO) explained how GoPro came up with the idea for Business Central for small business.

With the pandemic, the entire world was pushed into a new cycle of digitalization, everything has sped up and we just followed that trend. Small businesses are looking for a solution that they will be able to use quickly and that does not require much adjustment. Their reaction speed to the change in their own market has triggered a desire to find adequate tools that would help them seize the momentum just as quickly.

GoPro offers a very affordable solution that is divided into three packages tailored to those looking for a solution in the areas of finance, trade, and manufacturing and assembly. Each advanced package contains everything from the previous one and offers new functionalities.

Business Central for small business is efficient and customizable.

This is one of the greatest advantages of our solution. It is intended to follow micro and small enterprises, but on the other hand, we know that it is an extremely dynamic segment of the economy. The real value actually lies in the fact that the applications are compatible, fit and perfectly work together, as well as the fact that behind them is the largest software manufacturer in the world – Microsoft.

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You can read the whole PC Press article on the link.