It is no secret that Business Intelligence is a key component of all competitive, efficient, and successful companies. As companies grow, it becomes incredibly difficult to manage the data that is being generated daily. This creates a major obstacle for all companies that are relying on data to make the right decisions. 

No one wants to make decisions based on partially accurate data. Data collected from various sources gains meaning and becomes information in BI, which provides users with knowledge and wisdom in making business decisions. Due to that, there is a growing demand for such smart solutions. 

In the sea of business solutions and applications, Microsoft Power BI is a real refreshment for all those who want to leverage the power of their data. This impressive tool allows companies to visualize and analyze business data to take business to the next level quickly, easily, and simply.

Countless Benefits

Microsoft has worked hard to make applications such as Power BI superior to other applications on the market. It is designed so that you can create a visualization based on business data at any time, to make key decisions easier. You can create graphical data visualizations, both independently and in collaborative environments, to which all employees will have access. 

Ease of Use

Another advantage of Power Bi is its simplicity. You are just a few clicks away from accessing the necessary data. Each user can customize the analysis of the results to their needs. A custom dashboard allows users to instantly see the data affects them. 

Access From Any Location or Device

You can access Power BI from anywhere, making it a perfect option for companies whose employees work in various locations. For example, an engineer in the field can access data from a mobile phone, an analyst can view a control panel via a laptop or desktop computer, and a manager can use graphics during a meeting via a tablet. 

GoPro BI 

If you want to gain a competitive advantage that will set your company apart, GoPro BI is a logical choice. GoPro Business Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a solution that provides detailed analysis and reports, dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help companies improve business performance.