ShakeSpeare is an extremely powerful tool with which you can digitize your business documentation (DMS), manage projects (PMS), business processes (BPM) and track the performance of employees according to various criteria (Effort Tracking). This integrated application has been evaluated by users as an excellent tool that improves business and its efficiency.

GoPro is the implementer of ShakeSpeare in Serbia. 

Petar Miljković (CEO of GoPro), a representative of the largest Microsoft Gold ERP partner in Serbia, spoke about the strategy of GoPro and Žejn Group in terms of market development on ShakeSpeare:

“The companies we are in contact with, and they do not have to be users of the software we implement, see the emphasis in further business improvement in the IT world. It is different for everyone, but it is noticed that digitalization is increasingly being considered in the context of the process. In that light, the former notion of DMS is increasingly moving towards business processes. And it’s not just about monitoring the flow of the process, but also the fact that we inspire workers to innovatively influence their work. Ernest has already talked about that. And that’s what ShakeSpeare provides.”

Petar Miljković (CEO, GoPro)
Petar Miljković (CEO, GoPro)

Gordana Stefanović Barjaktarević (Project Manager, GoPro), spoke about the specifics of the MIND group project and the decision of the MIND group to use ShakeSpeare:

“In the MIND Group, they were looking for a good solution for digitization, classification and organization of business processes over documentation that will be used throughout the group. Shakespeare has proven to be the right tool for this and will be used for internal needs, that is records and approval of documentation between the group companies and to offer it as a service to customers who will work in MIND Park, and are interested in renting a wide range of services, storage and distribution of documentation.”