The implementation of ERP solutions is on the rise because many small and medium businesses need an ERP solution to enable their company to achieve unhindered growth and development. However, companies expect a quick return on their investment. The biggest challenge that companies face is finding the right solution that perfectly suits their needs.

Still not sure if your company needs ERP? See the key reasons for implementing ERP.

1. Business information integration

Integrating all information into one platform is especially important for standardization and simplification of business processes. Whether or not your company has branches around the world, using a single solution will provide real-time access to data with greater reporting capabilities to speed up the decision-making process.

2. Transparency

Profitability is key in all organizations. However, when it comes to small and medium businesses, profitability is crucial because lack of profitability can be fatal. For this reason, SMEs need to identify which products or customers are profitable and which are not. Implementing a good ERP solution is key to achieving transparency within every company.

3. Flexibility

The ERP solution adapts quickly to changes in your business. As your business grows and expands, the ERP solution will keep up with all the changes. ERP suits businesses of all sizes, and the solution will be fully tailored to your business goals.

4. Customer satisfaction

You may think that ERP does not affect customers and customer satisfaction too much, but that is not true. The right ERP solution can be used for a variety of marketing activities, and this applies to processes involving the lead generation and customer acquisition. It can help you communicate better with your customers and clients at all stages of the process.

5. Increasing the value of your company

Confirmation of the company’s success is a well-known, world-renowned information system that guarantees good organization, transparency, and rapid availability of information. All the data is in the system, so the company is less dependent on employees who keep the information in their heads, and standard processes will make it easier for employees to change their positions within the company.

Still not sure which ERP solution is right for you?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings state-of-the-art business process management technologies, enabling companies to focus on their business and growth. This modern tool is part of the Dynamics family of business applications. It is fully integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, makes everyday tasks easier, with advanced capabilities for planning and anticipating business change.