Human Resources (HR) are an indispensable part of any organization and are responsible for managing the most valuable resource: people. HR plays a key role in the organization because it assesses with careful analysis whether the right people are in the right roles and encourages the productivity and motivation of all employees. Today, the success of companies depends on their ability to attract and retain talented people, and this is precisely the task of HR. 

But what does business need from HR? That was exactly the topic on panel #4 at the 4th HRM Congress held on 27/02/2023. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. One of the seven participants on the panel was the CEO of GoPro, Petar Miljković. 

He talked about what the director expects from HR:

I think that the expectations of HR as a function differ depending on the size of the company, the industry, how the company got to where it is and the way it will go forward. However, it varies a lot in relation to what HR can deliver. Let’s say, if we look from the perspective of our house, there are 60 of us and we, according to some rules, have an adequate number of people who are dedicated exclusively to HR, and that is one. For us, the HR person is dedicated exclusively to that, while other team leaders and managers have a significant part of their duties related to some HR activities. From my perspective, a person in HR, if I were to use a family analogy, should be that good aunt who should reconcile parents and children where everyone has their own interest and everyone loves each other and that’s all great, but parents have some bigger vision. The children would rather play, joke around, and the aunt understands both sides. 

Petar explained how technology can help HR employees: 

Technology can help a lot. It can help through insights into some things that are not obvious. When you look at the data independently, whatever your metric is, whatever it is that you are measuring productivity with, that thing can be measured against what you do and you can see if someone is being unfairly neglected just because they are quiet and introverted, and perhaps the most indispensable member of the team. 

Anyone interested can view the entire panel below or by clicking on this link.