GoPro Payroll Functionality


Supported calculation methods

Contractual wages of employees can be entered as follows:

-Gross monthly amount,
-Gross per hour,
-Basic gross salary multiplied by the coefficient of complexity,
-Basic gross salary per hour multiplied by the coefficient of complexity,
-Net monthly amount,
-Net per hour,
-Basic net salary multiplied by the coefficient of complexity,
-All this in RSD or in any foreign currency.

It is possible to enter both gross and net earnings elements per employee:

-wages to be entered on the employee’s card in a net amount, to the concrete payment when the gross addition will be added,
-wages to be entered on the employee’s card in the gross amount, to the concrete payment when the net addition will be added.

Other possibilities:

-In the same calculation it is possible that different employees have contractual salary entered in different ways.
-It is possible to choose whether reimbursement for meals, transportation and contribution are included in the agreed wage or being added to it. If you choose to enter into contractual salary, the program will execute all necessary recounts, so the employee also has these elements of earnings reported.
-It is possible to enter the same elements of earnings in different currencies for a single employee.
-There is a history of contractual wages for employee, and it is possible to do backward calculation for some period in the past when employee has had different contractual salary.
-There is a history of billing parameters, and it is possible to retroactively bill for unpaid wages, by the accounting parameters that were in effect during the period for which the fee is calculated
-Contractual salary can be entered manually for each employee, and can be administered over pay grades.
-All parameters and options that affect the calculations are subject to change at the level of the individual employee, if the need arises.

Except for salary, it is possible to calculate the following types of payment:

-The calculation of reimbursed free can be done together with regular salary, or separately as a separate calculation.
-The calculation of transportation can be done together with regular salary, or separately as a separate calculation
-Also, an option for payment of contribution, without the payment of wages, is supported. Earnings may be paid later
-Unlimited number of advanced payments are possible too.


The calculation for following types of payees and categories of persons is supported.

-New employee – person younger than 30 years.
-New employee – person older than 50 years.
-New employee – person older than 45 and younger than 50 years.
-New employee – person with Disabilities
-The newly hired trainee younger than 30 years
-Employee – accelerated pension plan 12/14

-Employee – accelerated pension plan 12/15
-Employee – accelerated pension plan 12/16
-Employee – accelerated pension plan 12/18
-Working disability of II and III category
-Unpaid leave for parents
-Employee and founder of the company in own company

-Founder who is not employed in own company
-Privileged and beneficiary jobs – unemployed/part time
-Private and beneficiary jobs – unemployed/part time
-Privileged and beneficiary jobs – student cooperative older than 26 years
-Contract with the Executive – non employed person


The following types of income with the possible types of values ​​(new can be added via settings) are supported:

-Advanced payment (amount, hour)
-Regular work (day, hour)
-Business trip (day, hour)
-Past work (Percent)
-Additional income of resident alien (hour)
-Allowance for night work (hour)
-Allowance for overtime (hour)
-Allowance for work on a holiday (hour)
-Disincentives (amount)
-Net addition (amount)
-Net addition in foreign currency (amount)
-Stimulus (amount)
-Stimulacija u % od mesečne zarade (Procenat)
-Stimulus of % per profit item (percentage)
-Stimulus in% of monthly salary (percentage)
-Compensation for sick leave up to 30 days 65 % (day, hour)
-Severance – consensual termination (amount)

-Topli obrok – po danima rada (Iznos)
-Regres – mesečni iznos (Iznos)
-Regres – po danima rada (Iznos)
-Dobrovoljno penzijsko osiguranje-radnik (Iznos)
-Dobrovoljno penzijsko osiguranje-poslodavac (Iznos)
-Godišnji odmor (Dan,Sat)
-Godišnji odmor iz prethodne godine (Dan,Sat)
-Plaćeno odsustvo (Dan,Sat)
-Naknada za dane praznika (Dan,Sat)
-Bolovanje-profesionalna bolest (Dan,Sat)
-Naknada za por. odsustvo/ negu deteta 100% (Iznos)
-Naknada za por. odsustvo/ negu deteta 60% (Iznos)
-Naknada za por. odsustvo/ negu deteta 30% (Iznos)
-Naknada invalidima rada (Iznos)

-Obračun doprinosa bez isplate zarade (Iznos)
-Obračun doprinosa za osnivača koji nije zaposlen (Iznos)
-Preraspodela radnog vremena (Dan,Sat)
-Odbitak u % od mesečne zarade (Procenat)
-Odbitak (Iznos)
-Neplaćeno odsustvo (Dan,Sat)
-Prevoz – mesečni iznos (Iznos)
-Prevoz – po danima rada (Iznos)-Naknada za trudničko bolovanje (Dan,Sat)
-Naknada za bolovanje preko 30 dana-65% (Dan,Sat)
-Bolovanje-davalac tkiva i organa (Dan,Sat)
-Bolovanje-izolacija i praćenje (Dan,Sat)
-Bolovanje-nega člana porodice (Dan,Sat)
-Bolovanje-povreda na radu (Dan,Sat)


Data entered for employees related to payroll

Previous length of service is kept for each employee, as for every employment in detail, so for part-time as a total length of service. It is possible to input the accelerated pension plan, too.

entered by years. For each year, the program follows how much of a vacation have employee used, and provides an overview of how much he has left from the particular year. Input of lost days of vacation is provided, too.
Employee data input:
-The membership of separate operating units, if there are any.
-Job positions in time and every position can be related to some of the salary grades, if they are in use.
-The number of contracts for The Bureau of Labor if reliefs are approved.
-Percentage of working hours agreed in contract
-Password for contributions to Chamber of Commerce. Different employees in different business units may pay contributions to the various chambers.


It is covered:

-Recording and calculation of automatic monthly withdrawals may be made in the amount or percentage of wages.
-It is possible to record the loan and automatic monthly withdrawals in any currency. Rates for conversion may be taken from the Financial management, and a special course can be entered. It only applies to the payroll module. The rates may be specific to each creditor.
-At any time, the program can return the data on: the amount paid in the currency of the loan, the amount paid in RSD, the remaining amount, paid installments, remaining installments.
-The loan portion payoff, calculated from the salary to be refunded, is also supported.
-Supported: The loan portion payoff, calculated from the advance payment, the final calculation, as well as from both of these categories. It can be controlled which % of the loan is deducted from advanced payment.
-There are records of loan creditors which can be optionally used to facilitate credit input
-It is possible to collectively create payment orders by creditors to reduce the cost of the payment system.
-Also supported: Internal automatic monthly withdrawals and loans provided by the employer for which the orders of payment system are not created.
-A revalued automatic monthly withdrawal is supported.
-Automated creation of automatic monthly withdrawals for several (or all) employees.
-Abbreviated input method for mass automatic monthly withdrawals by single creditor.
-It is possible to indicate more payment accounts in which payments are routed to a certain percentage, for a single creditor.


It is possible to calculate the following reimbursement fees:

-Paid sick leave
-Maternity leave
-Payments for persons with disabilities of II or III category

Other possibilities:

-The system can keep track of all reimbursed fees (start date, end date, monthly amount, the coefficients of the average wage movements, the average hourly reimbursement for sick leave)
-It is possible to automatically insert these earnings items in the calculation, taking into account the number of reimbursement days
-Support for advance payment for a share of the salary to be reimbursed
-The program controls whether fulfilling the legal requirement to leave more than 30 days may not be less than the minimum wage
-Also, the most complex cases are supported. (i.e.) When person with disability works for only a part of the month and leave in the same month for a reimbursed sickness leave or absence.


The support for the following calculation of personal income, which does not fall under the wage by the contract of employment:

-Service contract
-Jubilee awards
-Temporary and part-time jobs
-Use own car for business purposes
-Per diem wages, transport and accommodation on business trip
-Income from authorship
-Income from capital – share in the profits, dividends, interest, taking the assets of the company
-Lease of real estate, leasing of movables
-Gains from gambling
-Revenue from personal insurance
-Compensation for the work of the board
-Income from athletes and sports professionals
-Volunteer work
-Purchase of secondary raw materials, purchase of forest products
-Meals allowance for athletes
-Payments to persons not employed (awards, etc.)
-Severance – retirement
-Severance pay – social program
-Severance – redundant
-Solidarity – all types
-Grants and loans
-Contract with the executive who is not employed
-Other contracts (commercial representation, etc.)


Print of the order form is in PDF format on the prescribed forms. It is not necessary for user to have Microsoft Office package installed to print forms.

-Specification of contributions
-Specification with tax return





It is covered:

-Calculation of transportation can be done with regular salary or separately as a separate calculation.
-It is possible to enter each employee’s travel allowance; either in monthly amount or in daily amount in accordance with the days of work. If using a monthly amount, it is possible to create a scale of the fee reduction in respect of certain types of absence from work.


It is covered:

-The system will automatically create journal entries to the general ledger. Each earnings element can be calculated separately.
-Support for creation of orders by Navision dimensions (e.g. cost center) that have been entered to the employee
-Support for the percentage distribution of employee’s wage in accordance with Navision dimensions, by using a key that can be common to all employees, group of employees or one which applies for single employee. Keys can be changed so that for each calculation a different key is applied (e.g. when entry is done by projects and employee works on multiple and various projects).


It is covered:

-Enabled automatic account creation for electronic payment transactions for all payments arising from the calculation of income (taxes, contributions, loans, payments to current account)
-For each employee, it is possible to specify multiple bank accounts for transfer of salary, and % to be transferred to each account. Support for the payment of salaries to more bank accounts, where the amounts for individual accounts can be specified.
-Support for the creation of summary payment orders by particular banks, with printing a specification of the amount by individual accounts of employees in the bank.
-It is possible to make payment orders for net payout by groups of workers
-Sending banks the files for posting aggregate net transfer orders for the payment, for the largest banks.


Payroll data security is a key issue. In this program, the security is ensured in several ways.

-Through the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV system of user roles
-Special additional authorization system to access payroll data is developed and it can be used as a replacement or supplement to the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV system of user roles. The system distinguishes the following three roles: HR referent (without access to payroll data), payroll referent, billing referent, earnings outside of employment officer, administrator.
-Created orders for payment of net earnings may have the recipient’s name masked
-Orders for payment of net earnings can be created collectively by banks, through the payment of the interim accounts at those banks
-Unless standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV system of user roles is not configured, the calculation can be kept in a separate company in the same NAV database in which only authorized persons could be allowed access to payroll. In this case, accounts for posting to the general ledger are completed in second (actual) company.


The following additions to basic functionality can be purchased:

-Automatic upload of data from completed carnets (carnets can be completed in Excel, or can be completed directly in payroll module)
-Connecting with presence control systems
-Based on data from the carnets or data from external presence control systems, it is possible to automatically assign employees wages increase for: shift work, weekend work, work on public holidays, night work, overtime.
-Expanding the functionality of personnel records: upload of contracts with employees’ data, upload of jobs systematization, together with job cards, with detailed information about each workplace, upload of a reminder of important dates, and other.
-Automatic upload of monthly terminations of employees from the Excel file
-Other add-ons at the request of customers


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