NAV OnTheGo is Android OS mobile application designed for sales officers on field work. It is optimized for use on tablet devices, and represent a major asset for sales managers.

NAV OnTheGo allows users to access and work with data from Dynamics NAV ERP system in an easy and efficient way, adapted to the requirements of a dynamic field work.

The key features of NAV OnTheGo applications are:

-Easy and quick work with application
-Plenty of options
-Online/offline mode

Thanks to numerous application optimization, NAV OnTheGo offers a lots of options while maintaining a remarkable speed. Data exchange with Head Office has also been optimized, so that even greater amount of data can be exchanged in relatively short period of time. Offline mode provides the user with the ability to work with the application even when there is no network access. Of course, the user will not be able to exchange any data with a central office, but will be able to promptly enter it in the application and to send them just after establishing a connection.


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