Some parents would give everything they have, so that their children could peek at the presents under the Christmas tree or help with the decoration of the New Year’s cake. Unfortunately, some children will spend this Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the hospital.

All children and families deserve protection and health care, but most hospitals throughout Serbia do not have adequate financial resources to provide them with what they need. That is why donations from people and socially responsible companies are of key importance for raising awareness about an important problem that is rarely talked about.

For 12 years, GoPro has been helping leading companies improve their businesses, both in the region and around the world. We have many successfully completed projects behind us, but success is insignificant if you have no one to share it with.

We decided to share our success with those who need our help the most.

After the successful implementation of the Microsoft Business Central Solutions implementation project, GoPro and Crafter, a retail and wholesale chain of top materials and tools, decided to organize a joint humanitarian action, intended for the Admission Intervention Unit of the Institut za majku i dete.

The goal of this campaign was the purchase of Mennen Medical® transcutaneous bilirubinometer. This device performs accurate measurement of bilirubin in babies, without blood sampling, which practically eliminates the possibility of potential infection.

To support this humanitarian gesture, Medipro MPM gave us a huge discount for purchasing this device.

Every time a child walks through the door of the Institut za majku i dete, a new good vs Evil story begins. We decided to support their story, as much as we could, so good can win. We invite you to join us! And we are convinced that everyone can find a way to do so.