Documents, whether in print or electronic form, are a key component of any company. Managing business information that is often located in separate locations can present a huge challenge, especially when you consider the growing cyber threats. There are multiple solutions that will allow you to manage all documents quickly, easily, and securely within the company, but none of them will give you flawless results like DMS.

What’s DMS and what does it offer?

DMS (Document Management System) is a smart solution for organizing, recording, classifying, and monitoring documents and business processes within the company.

Did you know that employees spend about 20% of their working time looking for documents? This powerful tool presents a huge time saving that is measured in hours and even days during each year. The more time you have on your hands, the more you will achieve during each working day. Searching for the necessary documents will no longer take you hours, because with DMS, all documents are always at hand.

Do you want to increase efficiency and productivity within your company? Increasing efficiency and productivity is achieved by intelligent document search by various criteria, automated document distribution system, less work, and the number of mistakes that employees make, managing the entire archive from one computer. All this contributes to faster generation of necessary information.

DMS provides quick access to content and offers the possibility of collaboration within the document. Employees from various locations and devices can easily access documents. And the users who collaborate in the process are always informed about the actions that are waiting for them to be performed.

Extensive paper documentation takes up too much space, and with the increased costs of renting office space, all that additional documentation represents a huge cost. DMS will reduce the need for cabinets, shelves, boxes, and binders.

How to choose a DMS solution?

In today’s market, you can find countless DMS solutions that offer a lot of functionalities. Documents are the pillars of your business, so you need to be careful when choosing a DMS solution. An adequate solution, such as Document Central, will help you lay a solid foundation for business process automation. It is a powerful tool that improves the security of your data, increases efficiency and productivity, saves time, and makes document management easier than ever before. Document Central is available online, you can access it via an Internet browser, which makes it incredibly easy to use.